Fabiano Ventura

Photographer specialising in environmental issues, landscape and mountain photography. He is the director of the photographic-scientific study project on climate change "On the Trails of the Glaciers".

Marco Albino Ferrari

Journalist and writer, he is the founder of the magazine Meridiani di Montagne. He is curator of the "Cast" museum in Sondrio and directs the Hoepli series "Stelle Alpine" (Edelweiss). He performs theatrical monologues on the mountains throughout Italy

Marco Barbieri

Producer and director, he is a partner in the production company GiUMa, and is the author and director of the TV series "Undercut - L'oro di legno" (Undercut - The wooden gold) on the clean-up of forests devastated by Cyclone Vaia.

Matteo Righetto

Matteo Righetto has written several novels that have been successfully published all over the world. The most famous are: La pelle dell’orso, la trilogia Senza Patria, Apri gli occhi, I prati dopo di noi e Il passo del vento, written together with Mauro Corona. For the theater he wrote From here to the Moon, produced by the Teatro Stabile del Veneto and the film The year of seven winters. In 2019 he received the UNESCO Dolomites Special Award.