CIVETTA D’ORO AWARD – Best Short Film #DFF22

YELLOWSTONE 88 - Song of Fire


directed by Jerry van de Beek, Betsy De Fries (USA)

In the summer of 1988, a sudden bolt of lightning triggered a fire in the arid and drought-stricken landscape of Yellowstone Park, igniting a blaze that would burn over 1.5 million acres of the park. Song of Fire, a narrative poem, guides the animation of YELLOWSTONE 88 by telling the story of this fire that raged relentlessly for months, when only a snowfall of extraordinary intensity was able to extinguish the flames. That winter, however, the surviving fauna, exhausted by the fire and weakened by starvation, died in greater numbers than those claimed by the fire. But the cosmos passes from one season to the next and life in the park begins again.

MARMOLADA AWARD – Best Documentary #DFF22

ACROSS emptiness


directed by Luca Albrisi (ITA)

"ACROSS emptiness" is the story of an authentic Dolomite crossing made by a group of splitboarders and ski mountaineers in the Alpine void created by the closure of ski resorts during the winter of 20/21 following the impact of the covid-19 pandemic. A journey capable of creating the backdrop for a comparison between the emptiness of wild areas and the void left by heavily man-made ones. An opportunity to question the future of Alpine valleys, the monoculture of skiing and the fundamental role of the outdoor community in environmental activism.